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Racor Accessories and Fittings:
Multiplex Filter/Separator Conversion Kits

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Multiplex Filter/Separator Conversion Kits - Filter/Separator not included:
Racor conversion kits may be used to build a ‘manifolded’ unit to increase fuel flow or contaminant holding capacity. Valved models allow servicing of the fuel filter/water separator, even while the engine is running. Conversion kits are economical alternatives that permit the use of an existing unit. Additional units to complete the system may be purchased  as they are not included with these kits.
Note: Racor conversion kits are not intended for commercial marine use.

Kit Part No.

Description / Notes


500FG Series - May only be used with 500 S/S unit featuring 9/16”-18 ports.

75500FGX Kit

Duplex Conversion Kit. Valve fuel ports: 3/4” SAE O-ring boss (SAEJ1926)

900FG and 1000FG Series - May only be used with units featuring 7/8”-14 ports.

73 Kit

Duplex Conversion Kit. Manifold tube inlet and outlet: 3/4”NPT (SAEJ476) 900 or 1000 Series

75 Kit

Duplex Conversion Kit (with Four Ball Valves). Manifold tube inlet and outlet: 3/4”NPT (SAEJ476). 1000 only

75FGX Kit

Duplex Conversion Kit (with Selector Valve). Valve inlet and Outlet: 7/8”SAE 37 degree male (SAEJ514). 1000 only

77 Kit

Triplex Conversion Kit. Manifold pipe inlet and outlet: 1”NPT (SAEJ476). 1000 only

79 Kit

Triplex Conversion Kit (with Six Ball Valves). Manifold Inlet and Outlet: 1”NPT (SAEJ476). 1000 only.