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Marine Gasoline


Marine Gasoline Spin-on Series Introduction (this page)
Marine Gasoline Spin-on Specifications
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Inboard and outboard engine fuel systems have been continuously improved to meet stricter air quality standards. The electronically-controlled engines require cleaner fuel to operate at optimum power and efficiency. The solution is high performance Racor Spin-On Fuel Filter/Water Separators. They handle gasoline engine flow rates up to 120 gph and include a multi-port mounting head for ease of installation.

Engine makers around the world offer Racor Gasoline Filter/Separators because they trust them to protect expensive fuel system components. If you would like a high-quality Racor system installed in your new boat, just ask your boat builder.

Note: Racor filter/separators will not separate oil from gasoline in blended fuel mixtures.

The Racor 660 series has a multi-port mounting head featuring three inlet and two outlet choices. The 660R-RAC-01 is for outboard applications and flow rates up to 90 gph can be accommodated.

The 660R-RAC-02 assembly with a metal bowl is required for 90 GPH inboard applications. The multi-port head allows easy installation anywhere in the engine compartment.

The new 3120R-RAC-32 will handle flows up to 120 gph and is the optimum choice for high performance marine gasoline engines.

A multi-port head allows easy installation anywhere in the engine compartment. The see-thru bowl resists discoloration from additives and ultraviolet light - a see-thru that stays see-thru.

The complete assembly with metal bowl... 320R-RAC-02 is UL listed and USCG accepted. Be sure to specify the correct combination of filter and metal or see-thru bowl for your gasoline inboard or outboard engine.

Now, owners of inboard or outboard engines can get smoother operation and longer life - all in one easy spin onto existing filter heads. There's a choice of rugged, reusable see-thru bowl with self-venting drain, or a metal bowl with drain plug for inboard applications. Metal bowls are UL-listed and USCG accepted. See-thru bowls are recommended for outboard applications only.

Gasoline In-Line Fuel Filters

A Racor-quality solution for cleaning up contaminated fuel is now offered for low horsepower outboard engines used in small boats and personal watercraft. Racor Gasoline Fuel Filters are easily installed in-line with the fuel hose. Several models including one with a cleanable screen are now available.