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Hydrocarbon Filter Vessels



For nearly 40 years, Racor has been recognized as the leader in filtration and separation technology. Our engineering team takes specific application prerequisites, and by utilizing the latest computer-assisted design tools, quickly develops the necessary components to manufacture filter vessels that meet industry and customer-specific requirements. Our successful experience in global applications is the result of a continuous improvement process and real-world evaluations of product performance.

Pressure Filter Vessels

Racor designs and manu-factures ASME Code Pressure Vessels for hydrocarbon filtration. Liquid filter vessels remove micronic particulate from fuels, lubricating oils, petrochemicals, coolants and solvents.
These vessels are designed, fabricated, stamped and certified to meet ASME Pressure Vessel Code. Each vessel is designed to perform in conjunction with the filter elements specified in order to obtain optimum performance.

RVFS Series
RVFS Hydrocarbon Filter Vessel Specifications

Racor RVFS Series filter vessels offer a versatile, economical alternative to competitor's vessels. Industry applications include removing liquid and solid contaminants from diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, aviation gas, jet fuel and other lubricating or hydraulic oils. RVFS vessels utilize proven filter design technology and can be used as coalescers, pre-filters or separators by changing internal components, flow direction or by selecting optional filter cartridges when ordering. The vesels are fabricated from carbon steel with an exterior primer coating of Gavlon suede gray and the interior is epoxy coated which meets MIL-C-4556E. Element choices include coalescers, separators, particulate pre-filters or water absorbing cartridges. Completely dressed factory filter vessels can be specified with differential pressure gauges, water sight glasses, pressure release valves, air eliminators, and manual or automatic drains. Wall mount units can be special ordered. Consult factory for other options.