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Spin-On Series


Spin-On Series Links:
Introduction to the Spin-On Series
Spin-On Series Description and Application Information (this page)
Spin-On Series Specifications
400 Series Assembly View/Parts Breakout
320 Series Specifications
Nautilus Series Specifications
Integrated Fuel Filtration Systems Specifications
Marine Diesel Spin-On Series Specifications


With Racor fuel filter/water separators, you're guaranteed the most efficient, complete and reliable protection you can get. Racor is multi-stage protection - water separation and fuel filtration in a compact size. And with Racor, service is fast and easy. There are lookalikes and workalikes, but no on can match what's inside a Racor fuel filter/water separator... features like see-thru bowls, powerful primer pumps, integral fuel heaters, water sensors, Aquabloc elements and over 25 years of of innovation and continuous improvement.


Maximum protection in minimum space.
The 110A is designed for fuel-injected gasoline engines with high working pressures and also can be used on diesel engines. A metal housing is standard.
Other models in the 100 Series, the 120A and 140, offer reliable protection for smaller diesel and gasoline engines used in generator sets, pressure washers and other equipment. Their compact size fits tight mounting locations and multiple ports offer installation flexibility.


Redesigned and improved for greater versatility.
The new 215, 230 and 245 filter/separators come standard with an integral priming pump and a new see-thru contaminant bowl which can operate in applications up to 30 psi. Another design upgrade is the optional 200-watt in-bowl heater for colder operating conditions. Applications include light-duty and medium-duty trucks and vehicles, welders and other diesel-powered equipment.



A powerful, integral primer pump makes service quick and easy.
The standard equipment primer pump tops the list of extensive options that allows bus fleets, truck fleets, RV owners and others to tailor a filter/separator system specifically to their operating requirements. These options include a choice of three micron rating for the Aquabloc filter element, 200-watt in-bowl resistance heater, water sensor and flow rates up to 120 gph.


Maximize engine protection with a low profile, easy to fit filtration system.
With all the features of the 400 Series, the 600 Series offers engine owners an economical system for applications where an integral primer pump is not needed. Flow rates up to 120 gph, in-bowl heater and water sensor are all available options.



320 Engine Spin-On Series


From Cummins to Navistar to DDC to Caterpillar, get Racor quality in one easy spin

  • High capacity, on-engine primary or secondary filtration
  • Fits most existing mounting heads
  • See-thru bowl with water sensor option
  • Mounting heads available. Contact Racor or your distributor.


The Nautilus Series of fuel heaters, filters and water separators gives the fleet manager an opportunity to specify the ultimate system for cold weather operation.
There are thermostatically-controlled coolant heaters and in-bowl heaters. Combine these high-efficiency heaters with a 30 micron Aquabloc filter element or a coalescing element which strips water from fuel.
Also available is the 6120N model featuring an in-bowl heater and the top-mount primer pump..


32054R Diesel

The new high-flow, high-capacity 3250R Diesel Fuel Filter/Water Separator can handle fuel flow rates up to 250 gallons per hour with only 1.0 psi (2" Hg/6.9 kPa) of restriction.
Requiring minimum mounting space, the 3250R utilizes a new aluminum filter header that has the mounting bracket integrated into the design. The fuel ports are 7/8"-14 UNF with the reliable SAE J1926 O-ring sealing design and a large 3/4" SAE priming/air purging port is on the topside.
The mounting head accommodates the Racor S3207T spin-on filter element which is rated at 10 micron filtration.
The contaminant collection bowl is reusable and see-thru with the self-venting drain. An optional 12 volt D.C. or 24 volt D.C. in-bowl heater is available to provide 300 watts of heating capacity for cold weather operations. This option also includes the two-piece, in-bowl water probe (RK30964). A heater relay kit and water detection module are not included and must be ordered separately.





Integrated Systems


Series F/MF

Two-Stage Filtration System:
The Series F is a two-stage filtration system consisting of a cleanable pre-filter with a stainless steel element and a fuel filter/water separator.

Sereis F/MF

Series FR/MFR

Series FR/MFR

Repriming Two-Stage Filtration System:
The Series FR is a two-stage filtration and repriming system featuring a solid-state controlled electronic priming pump, electronic air purge, a cleanable pre-filter with a stainless steel element and a fuel filter/water separator.



Series S/MS

Electronic Two-Stage Filtration System:
The Series S is a semi-automatic filtration system utilizing solid-state electronic controls.

Series S/MS

Series A/MA

Series A/MA

Automatic Two-Stage Filtration System:
The Series A is a full-featured, automatic filtration system.



Series RP

Repriming Filtration System:
The Series RP is a heavy-duty repriming filter/separator system. Series RP with see-thru bowls are available in 2, 10 or 30 micron in 60, 90 and 120 gph. Series RP without bowls are available in 25 micron in 60 gph and 120 gph. The 90 gph solid can is available in 10 micron or 25 micron.

Series RP

Series EP

Series EP

A full flow electronic priming system available in Model L (maximum 15 psi) for use with diaphragm type lift pumps, and Model H (maximum 30 psi) for use with gear type life pumps.



Electronic Fuel heater

This compact heavy-duty electronic heater is thermostaticaly controlled with 92 square inches of heating surface for effective heat transfer. Available in 300 watt.



Fuel Filter Collection Bowls
These spin-on, reusable contaminant collection bowls shown below may be used with many of the diesel engine spin-on series fuel filter/water separators. All bowls feature a water probe port unless noted.

See-thru Non Heated Replacement Bowl Kits:


for 2.85” diameter filters (see style A).


for 3.82” diameter filters (see style C).


for 4.38” and 5.09” diameter filters (see style D).

See-thru Heated Replacement Bowl Kits:


for 3.82” diameter filters, 12 vdc, 200 watt (see style C).


for 3.82” diameter filters, 24 vdc, 200 watt (see style C).


for 4.38” and 5.09” diameter filters, 12 vdc, 200 watt (see style D).


for 4.38” and 5.09” diameter filters, 24 vdc, 200 watt (see style D).

Metal Non-Heated Replacement Bowl Kits:


for 2.85” diameter filters, non-painted (see style B).


for 3.82” diameter filters, painted beige (see style C).


for 4.38” diameter filters, non-painted (see style D).

* Does not feature a water probe port.